Sod House Curtains and Adornments

new #169- Sod House Curtains and Adornments


12" square Prairie Wildflowers Mini-Quilt
6" x 12" Prairie Grass Mini-Quilt
Both quilts fit the popular mini-quilt racks!

Safari Slumber

new #167-Safari Slumber


Child's 40" square Birth Record Quilt featuring Jungle Animals

Dish Night at the Movies


#165 - Dish Night at the Movies


Dish Night at the Movies 38" square quilt or tablecloth and "Popcorn Run" kitchen towel

Begun in the 1930s, Dish Night brought folks to the movies for free dinner-ware! Depression Glass from American glass industries, Homer Laughlin Fiesta, Blue Ridge, Salem, Debring, and other china was sold cheeply to theaters to provide work for company employees and to stimulate the economy. A trend of kitchenmania freebies began -- peanut butter, jelly, or cheese in glasses; towels, dishes, glassware in detergen and oatmeal boxes! Fun!


Dish Night at the Movies


#165 - Dish Night at the Movies


Dish Night at the Movies 38" square quilt or tablecloth and "Popcorn Run" kitchen towel

Begun in the 1930s, Dish Night brought folks to the movies for free dinner-ware! Depression Glass from American glass industries, Homer Laughlin Fiesta, Blue Ridge, Salem, Debring, and other china was sold cheeply to theaters to provide work for company employees and to stimulate the economy. A trend of kitchenmania freebies began -- peanut butter, jelly, or cheese in glasses; towels, dishes, glassware in detergen and oatmeal boxes! Fun!




#166- Hollyhocks


Contemporary 50" x 41" Wall Quilt

As a child, I made Hollyhock dolls with slim toothpick bodies, slightly opening buds for the heads, and fully bloomed flowers as the gowns. Perhaps you made them too! Stitch a super easy quilt whose emphasis is a single Hollyhock plant amid a garden plot of squares and rectangles. This quilt is lovely with various designs of machine quilting in the blocks and tiny beads as the flower centers!


Housekeeping Priorities


#164- Housekeeping Priorities


Quilt - 27 1/2" x 33 1/2" and 8" Tomatoes Potholder

What to do today? It's your choice! Cook-- Six-Minute Suppers or All Day Gourmet? Press clothes or quilt block? Wash windows, floors, or quilt fabrics? Mend torn slacks or sew quilts? Add "NO symbols", buttons, rick-rack -- Happy Stitching!



Button Box Holidays


#163 - Button Box Holidays


“Love Strings”, “Liberty Strings”, “Hollow Strings”, and “Christmas Strings” are 18"-wide. Order the folksy metal hanger from

Between 1860-1900, young American girls voraciously collected beautiful buttons on long strings, known as charm or love strings. The goal was to collect 999, & then the string’s owner would see her husband. ---The Button Book by Diana Epstein.

At some point, the women surely used the 999 buttons. Sewing my whimsical quilts with lettering & details utility quilted in perle cotton (a similar gauge as yesteryear string) is a delightful way to display or share one’s collection of buttons! 


Penny Candy


#162 Penny Candy
Revolutionary War Motifs


Redware Ha'penny Rug, 28" x 10 1/2"; Sixteenpenny Garland; Hit 'N Miss Stars Candle Mat 12 1/2" sq.; The Frugal Huswife's Diamond Candle Mat 16" x 10"; Old Glory Pillow 8" x 5", American Eagle Penny Rug 30" x 8"; and American Eagle Towel


Revolutionary War Sweethearts and Soldiers


#161-Revolutionary War Sweethearts and Soldiers


A 200 year old folk art print "Revolutionary War Sweethearts & Soldiers" inspired me to investigage why women were in the print. 20,000 women were active in the war as spies, message carriers, soldiers, & camp followers as nurses, cooks, and launderers. Learn origins of 18 battle flags on the 91" x 105" quilt (accommodates tall mattresses), piece a "pocket" (predecessor of pocketbooks), or sew a tavern sign with checkerboard icons symbolizing gambols, food & drink (many 1700s people could not read). Journey to 1776!


Button Weeds' NEW Make-It-Snappy Quilts of the Month are 18" wide and perfectly fit the folksy black metal quilt hanger
(pictured and available from for $20 retail).
Four “months” per pattern — retail $7.00


#158 - January, February, March, April - $7.00 Retail

JANUARY--"Jackie Frost" has clear seed beads added to the frosty backstitch quilting to give an icy effect.

FEBRUARY--"Chocolate Arrows" point at a folksy heart pierced at the top & radiating trails ending in antique buttons.

MARCH--"Ring of Kerry" is an Irish quilt featuring a shamrock and horseshoe flowers emitting “lucky penny” buttons.

APRIL--"Working Overtime" is a tribute to a beloved hen laying colored eggs that fill 3 tall baskets--all bedecked with stars


#159 - May, June, July, August - $7.00 Retail

MAY--"Morning Glories" is a charming quilt that Kris designed for American Patchwork and Quilting in 2003.

JUNE--"Garden of Eatin" features rows of colorful garden vegetables surrounded by an easily-pieced picket fence.

JULY--"Fireworks Finale" has four pieced star blocks in Americana colors with top and bottom striped borders.

AUGUST--"Primitive Picnic" with its folk art simplicity of watermelons and checkerboard will be a favorite!


#160 - September, October, November, December - $7.00 Retail

SEPTEMBER--"Ye Olde Red Schoolhouse" is a quilter’s choice with pomegranate-style apples in an arch.

OCTOBER--"Linda’s Leaf Heap" is similar to Kris’s Shades of Autumn, a cover quilt for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

NOVEMBER--"Running Away from Home" has Log Cabin blocks that simulate the “home” from which two turkeys are exiting.

DECEMBER--"Colonial Christmas" is a feathered star with intersecting folksy trees, button-berry twigs, & center star!


#152-Pennywise Farmers - retail price $7.50


#152-Pennywise Farmers will create a 1800s feel in your bedroom with Penny-Rug flowers and vines adorning the queen-size quilt of "Hole in the Barn Door" and "Farm Friendliness" blocks. Instructions included for the matching Wall Quilt/Tablecloth, Pillow Shams, and Throw Pillow.

#153-Star Shower - retail price $7.50


#153-Star Shower is possibly the most striking shower curtain ever designed. Instructions are also included for a queen-sized bed quilt! Retail $7.50. (See pattern #159 for a matching wall quilt!)

#154 Roundup Ballad - retail price $7.00


Got any wannabe cowboys or cowgirls? #154-Roundup Ballad not only includes a cowboy version, but also patterns for a pigtailed cowgirl in a skirt--very cute! No time to make the "cow" border, just substitute plain borders! There are instructions for a 39" x 48" crib quilt (pictured), crib bumper pads, a toddler bed quilt (adjust the size to fit varying mattress heights), and a twin-size bed quilt. Giddy-up and sew one for your little cowpoke!

#155 Lost in the Cornfield - retail price $7.00


#155-Lost in the Cornfield is a whimsical quilt depicting ranged chickens seeking their favorite snack--corn on the cob! Chicken-lovers will enjoy making this charming 36" x 48" wall quilt that was a cover quilt for Love of Quilting magazine. Pattern.

#156 Courting Candles - retail price $7.00


#156-Courting Candles is the perfect quilt for historian quilters. This 50" square quilt features intersecting Courting Candles simulating the real courting candle holders used in the 1800s. (My courting candle, pictured in the red cupboard, was purchased at Nathaniel Hawthorne's "House of the Seven Gables" in Massachusetts.) Pattern retail $7.00.

#157 Hayride - retail price $7.00


#157-Hayride is festive like a hayride should be! The wagons come together under a starry night, reminiscent of crisp fall evenings and marshmallows over a bonfire! The wall quilt with crazy-quilt wheels measures 58 3/4" square. Pattern retail price $7.00.

#146 Baby's Closets - retail price $7.00


"Baby's Closets" Birth Record Quilt boasts ample closets and dresser drawers to store all of baby's clothes. Oooooh, aren't her clothes SO adorable? Sundress with flowers, bubble sunsuit, snowsuit, sailor dress, party dress, playsuits, sleeper, and a lovely christening gown and bonnet. Widen and lengthen the measurements on the christening gown block, write baby's name and christening date below the gown, add borders, and you have a beautiful keepsake gift. "Baby's Closets" matching bumper pads, "Baby's Favorites" paper doll mini-quilt, crib sheet, and dust ruffle patterns are included.

#146........ $7.00(retail)

Dress up your kitchen table with a special runner for each month of the year!
Three runners per pattern.


#147 - January, February, March - $7.00 Retail

JANUARY-New Year's Welcome
Herald the new year with the pineapple, symbol of hospitality and welcome. Shooting fireworks flowers will make your table sparkle!

FEBRUARY-Hearts and Tin Punch Stars
You'll love the folksy pieced hearts adorned with facsimile tin punch stars.

MARCH-Lucky Pennies
Penny rug style "lucky pennies" are scattered on this Irish Chain table runner for St. Patrick's Day. Applique two lucky shamrocks too!


#148 - April, May, June - $7.00 Retail

APRIL-Chocolate Bunnies
Decorated Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies, unparalleled necessities for Easter!

MAY-Tisket Tasket Baskets
A Tisket, A Tasket, green and yellow baskets...and we need May flowers too!

JUNE-My Summer Garden
Too busy sewing to get those seeds planted in the garden? Invite the neighbors INDOORS to inspect your summer garden of prize-winning vegetables!



#149 - July, August, September - $7.00 Retail

JULY-Liberty Picnic
Trim your July 4th picnic table with watermelons...and the edible ones too!

AUGUST-Sunflower Symphony
Sunflowers against a blue summer sky...a cheery addition to an August table.

SEPTEMBER-Autumn Apples
My luscious red apples with folksy leaves first appeared in the 2003 American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar. Primitive border tongues embellish the encore.

#149........ $7.00(retail)



#150 - October, November, December - $7.00 Retail

OCTOBER-The Witches of Hewitt Street
Mother often gave herself the title of "The Witch of Hewitt Street" when she was the paragon of protocol during my sister Linda's and my teenage years. Sis and I flank mom on each side on this delightful Halloween table runner.

NOVEMBER-Turkey in the Straw
It's Thanksgiving. Why not let a turkey trim your dinner table?

Feathered Solomon's Temple blocks make stunning foundations for folksy


#144-"A Can of Beans" - retail price $7.00


A kitchen collection that has my original brand labels that look antique. There are 2 wool wall cans--Old Pioneer Baked Beans and A Good Wife's Cream Corn. Teachers will love the Red Schoolhouse peanut butter label, shown on a red towel and on a toaster cover, instructions for both standard 2-slice and 4-slice toasters. I also give label patterns to be appliqued on fabric "wraps" for tin canisters. My instructions give details for ANY size canister! Each canister has a removable gray "lid" too!


#145-"Welcome to the Jungle" - retail price $7.00


A vibrant nursery collection. Birth Record Quilt--39 1/2" x 52", dust ruffle, crib sheet, Diaper Storage Hut in 2 sizes, and bumper pads with vine and monkey. The quilt has lots of quilted ferns and vines. Baby's name, birth date, and weight are recorded on the baby's basket and the lion's flag has the parents' names! Super Cute!

#143 Pennies from Heaven - retail price $7.00


Decorate for Christmas in Penny Rug style with my new wool tree skirt and mantel drapes, both embellished with Penny Rug ornaments. Make extra ornaments to adorn the tree too! A glorious 12 1/2" x 24 1/2" cotton angel quilt with wool "pennies" is just the right touch above the mantel drapes OR use the quilt as a runner on a table! Need a quick gift? Sew a single angel block and frame it in a 5" x 7" wooden frame! Instructions for a garland and wool angel figure too!

#142 Granny's Baskets   - retail price $7.00


Autumn leaves, a folksy flower, and fall fruits and vegetables fill the two "rail fence" woven baskets in this stunning 37" x 46" quilt. A crow stands perched on the woven background and vines trim two borders. Repeat the motifs in a 16" square basket pillow too. Accent a wall in ANY room with my architectural stars framed in quilting hoops! Instructions for cotton or wool stars for 12" or 14" round hoops--is it possible to find an easier gift?

#141 A GIRL'S BEST FRIENDS - retail price $7.00


Is a "must have" pattern with 10 projects sure to please gals of ALL ages. (#1) The girly clothes hanger cover is sheer brilliance--especially when the necklace is made of dazzling rhinestone buttons! OR imagine the reaction of a bride-to-be at a bridal shower opening YOUR hanger cover gift with the gown bodice of white satin and the necklace a string of pearl beads!

The pattern also includes (#2) the 21" square Lipstick Quilt with lipstick shades quilted in the borders and (#3) a matching Lipstick Towel. (#4) A 15" square Boutique Shop Quilt features images of her "friends" as willowy figures adorned in haute couture apparel. Identical feminine icons are replicated on a (#5) towel that announces "I Can't Cook in This!" and fused on (#6) a handmade greeting card to send to friends on special occasions. "A Girl's Best Friend" diamond ring is appliqued to a (#7) towel as well as on (#8) the Engagement Tribute Photo Frame with a pocket to hold a photograph of the betrothed couple and the engagement date commemorated within the ring's band. (#9) A Purse-Shaped Photo Frame decorated with a feather boah and (#10) a Shopping Bag Photo Frame bejeweled with rhinestones will especially delight the young ladies! Enjoy!



Step back into the 1800s where decorating with primitive Penny Rugs was the fashion! Create this charming 17" x 40" wall quilt with pieced blocks, houses, and baskets filled with wool "penny" flowers. Buttonhole stitch wool or wool felt pennies in the borders too. Then carry the theme further with a small 9" square Scalloped-Edged Penny Rug and even Wooden Pennies--plant pokes to adorn your dried floral arrangements! Imagine your bedroom with these accents AND either a Hole in the Barn Door or a Basket bed quilt!

#39-Pattern only--$6.00 retail

#139-Pattern and 6 Round Willow Tree Slices-$9.98 retail (slices are drilled with 1/4" holes to accommodate 1/4" dowels as flower stems)

#239-Pattern, 6 Willow Tree Slices, AND wool to decorate the tree slices--$12.98 retail



What does every kitchen need??
A.--A chicken in every pot.
B.--A chicken quilt with hens for every season.
Choose letter B and be satisfied the entire year!! Spring Chickens in an Easter basket; Sunny Side Up chicken, complete with sunglasses, lounging under a sunflower; a Harvesting Hen and her chick pecking corn kernels; AND two old hens enjoying the warmth of the coop on a snowy day. Construct the 16" x 43" wall quilt, then embellish the quilt with a wool or wool felt egg border or hand stitch a 14" square Chicken Penny Rug. Don't forget the Eggs
on a Stick--egg-shaped willow tree plant pokes to adorn your dried floral arrangements!

#40-Pattern only--$6.00 retail

#140-Pattern and 6 Round Willow Tree Slices--$9.98 retail (slices are drilled with 1/4" holes to accommodate 1/4" dowels as flower stems)

#240-Pattern, 6 Willow Tree Slices, AND wool to decorate the tree slices--$12.98 retail

#138 AN ODE TO US - retail price $7.00

#138--A collection of sisterhood projects: "Queen and Princess of the Kitchen" projects--aprons in size 1 to 22,towel,and potholder. Also a "Mommy and Me" or "Gramdma and Me" potholder, Queen of the Lost Sock Laundry Room shelf scarf, Queens's crown, "Certificate of Honor for Queen of Our Home" photo transfer quilt, "Here Come the Bridesmaids" signature quilt, and Circle of Friends" signature quilt.

#136 BROKEN FENCE  - retail price $6.00


A collection of quilts with whimsical farm animals to brighten your home!  "Broken Fence" with animals in the cornfield--Cows announcing "We've got milk!" Two versions of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" quilts--one over the hill version (she forgot why!) and the second version (two chickens going shopping), and "Chickens in My Garden."

#135 PROVERBS FOR PLAIN FOLK - retail price $8.50


(click on photo for fullsize image & list of Proverbs)

A collection of quaint and timeless proverbs with folk art appliques make this Block of the Month 80 x 96" (OR 86 x 102") quilt the most heartwarming project you will ever make...AND wouldn't it just be perfect as a graduation or wedding gift?

#135........ $8.50(retail)

#131 Tumbling Babies - retail price $7.00


You won't be able to resist these adorable babies and "dressing" them is so much FUN! The pattern includes instructions for Birth Record Quilt, Satin (ooooh!) Bound Mini-Quilt, Bumper Pads, Dust Ruffle, Crib Sheet, and two sizes of Handkerchief Valances! Babies will love gazing at their FRIENDS! (goo goo)

#131........ $7.00

#133 To Have and To Hold - retail price $6.00


(click on photo for fullsize image)

Being realistic about the time it takes to plan a "daughter's wedding", I designed two striking SMALL quilts to present to Angee & Dave. The "To Have and To Hold" folk art quilt is 18" x 23". The same design minus borders is striking as a pillow. The pieced "Double Wedding Ring" quilt is 20" square. Either quilt could be used to honor an anniversary too! Angee even suggested substituting the bottom phrase in the "Double Wedding Ring" quilt with other phrases like "celebrating 50 years-July 21, 2001" (use your appropriate date) to honor a couple at their 50th!

#133........ $6.00

#134 Stars and Stripes Forever - retail price $7.00


(click on photo for fullsize image)

Hooray for the red, white, and blue! Now you can decorate the whole house with a favorite couple--Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam! Lady Liberty's gown is an easy triangle-square and check out Uncle Sam's attire--all rectangles! Pattern includes instructions for 81 1/2" X 101" Bed Quilt, Firecracker Neckroll Pillow, Table Runner, One-Star Flag Placemat, God Bless America Quilt 39" x 41", and 15" x 20 1/2" Mini-Quilt.

#134........ $7.00

#129 Special Stars - retail price $6.00


42" x 42" Wall Quilt

Want to pass on the home sewing legacy to future generations? THEN WHY NOT OFFER THEM SOMETHING FUN TO SEW?

Teenager Rachel Kerrigan, who knows what's fashionable for her peers, has designed the perfect projects for teens to sew for their own rooms and what's hot for teens is STARS!! Make them special with photo-transfers of their friends or make them WAY EASY without the photos to use like a bulletin board, where they can pin pictures of themselves and their friends to each star and change them whenever they'd like!! Includes pattern for a star pillow that is really trendy when made with polar fleece or fun fur! Great for a sewing class for teens!




#127 Millennium Motifs - retail price $6.00


With its folk art peacocks & flowers, it has a nice mix of techniques popular at the turn of the millennium - big stitch quilting and appliqué with buttonhole or running stitch. 33" square wall quilt, slipcover pillow, and 14" square folk art flower pillow.

#127...... $6.00 Retail



#128 - Pikt Apples Today - retail price 6.00


Pikt Apples Today

To celebrate life a hundred years ago, make this 44"square quilt with 3-dimensional features in each journal block from yo-yo bonnets to the mini-quilt airing on the clothesline. Big stitch quilting with perle cotton for a primitive finish.


#126 - Heartfelt Housewarmers - retail price $6.00

Heartfelt Housewarmers

A photo transfer pillow for new parents or grandparents, for anniversary or wedding celebrations; 3 styles of signature pillows, with 16, 12, or 4 autographs of co-workers, family members, neighbors welcoming in or saying good-bye, or your best friends; a homespun towel neckroll pillow for a country lover with prairie point chickens or plain prairie points with buttons; a "Welcome Friends" wall quilt or patchwork heart pillow with braided heart -- perfect for a wedding, anniversary, or housewarming.

#126...... $6.00


#105 - We're Chicken - retail price $5.00


35" x 35" Wall quilt, Pot Holder, Runner, Towel

Did someone say Boo? We're out of here, we're chicken! If our prairie point wings actually worked, we'd be out of here sooner. Long-stitched legs, button eyes complete these triangular chicks, with a colorful border of the "Hen & Chickens" quilt block

#105..... $5.00 Retail

#106 The Bridges of Madison Country - retail price $6.50

30" x 41" wall quilt, towel, & pot holder

Fabric replica of the beloved Roseman Bridge where Clint Eastwood, as photographer Robert Kincaid and Meryl Streep, as farm wife Francesca Johnson, filmed the movie based on the poignant love story.

Dimensional ruched trees, Black-eyed Susan Flowers & Yo-Yo Riverbank stones

#106......$6.50 Retail


#107 An Apple A Day Sampler - retail price $5.00


37" x 52" wall quilt, Appliance Covers

You'll find good wholesome foods on this wall quilt to decorate your kitchen. Break down the blocks to create your own small projects or sew up some new appliance covers.

#107......$5.00 Retail


#108 We're Chicken Too! - retail price $6.00


Chicken Curtains, Chicken Table cloth, Large Chicken Feed Pillow, Small Chicken Feed Pillow, Scratch-a-note Holder, Towel, Pot Holder, Wall Pocket for Flowers, Wall Chicken and a Label pin...

We're still chicken and we're sprinting around your kitchen on your curtains, tablecloth, towels, pot holders, on your wall, sitting on pillows on your counter or on a chair, holding your notes by the phone; why, you can even wear us on your lapel. We're chicken again and you'll love us. Some chicks are prairie points, others are folded squares - EASY

#108......$6.00 Retail



#115 Grounds For a Break - retail price $6.00



Featuring "Delectable Mountains" quilt block - Wall Quilt 26" x 32", Place Mat, Mug Mat, Gift Bag, Towel, & Pot Holder. Embellished coffee pot with embroidered leaves and coffee beans on appliquéd coffee bean tree. Gift bag for one pound coffee.

#115...... $6.00 Retail



#116 Tea Time - retail price $5.50

Tea Cozy, 35" square tablecloth, tea napkins & small gift bag....

Baltimore Album blossoms adorn the tea cozy, the tablecloth, the tea napkins, and the small gift bag. EASY instructions for three-dimensional ruched blossoms, perfect stems, folded rosebuds, and yo-yos

#116...... $5.50 Retail




#117 Little Rhode Island Red Hen- retail price $6.00

Table Runner, Envelope Pillow, Pot Holder....

EASY directions for a ruched comb and gathered wattle that look realistic -- just the right touches for the 11" x 14" pillow and 8" square pot holder. Add buttons for chicken eyes and chicken feed on the table runner (featured in American Patchwork & Quilting)

#117...... $6.00 Retail




#118 Baskets for Life - retail price $6.00

33" X 49" Folk Art Wall Quilt, Basket of Posies Hooked rug, Loving Home Pillow, Basket of Love Pillow, Kinfolk Pillow, and a 9" square Framed Basket of Posies Block....

Folk art quilt features the Basket of Love block with hearts falling on the Loving Home block, a Berry Basket block with yo-yo cherries (or use buttons), a block with Kinfolk holding a berry twig, a Flower Vine block or triangle -square rosebuds and round blossoms, a Basket of Posies block, and an Egg Basket block with triangular button-eyed chickens. Instructions for a Basket of Posies hooked rug (11" x 17"), Basket of Posies framed block, Loving Home pillow, Basket of Love pillow, Kinfolk pillow. Would make a great Block-of-the-Month project!!

#118...... $6.00 Retail




#121 Poppies or Pansies? - retail price $6.00

33" square Wall Quilt, 16" square pillow, & 18" x 46" Table Runner....

Poppies or Pansies? Either choice is best and the perfect accent for any room. Runner will add charm to a kitchen table, a coffee table, or a buffet. The wall quilt was designed by our 16-year old daughter, Rachel who promises it isn't hard to make.

#121...... $6.00 Retail




#122 Grandma's Blue Bowl - retail price $6.00


Cookies, pie, and bread made in Grandma's Blue Bowl are the perfect motifs for pot holders and the 28" x 32" In Memory of Grandma quilt. Matching appliance covers for Toaster (3 sizes), Mixer/Breadmaker, and Blender.

#122...... $6.00 Retail




#123 Heaven Sent - retail price $6.00



43" x 53" Birth Record Quilt (adaptable for boys or girls), crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumper pads (with or without ruffle), "Baby's Sleeping" door sign, & swag bag (with or without ruffle) - all the essentials necessary to decorate the nursery.

#123...... $6.00 Retail

(click on photo for fullsize picture)