When Pigs Fly


#167- When Pigs Fly


Fun Christmas Card Holder with Santa flying over folksy homes on a pig. 


Button Box Holidays


#163 - Button Box Holidays


“Love Strings”, “Liberty Strings”, “Hollow Strings”, and “Christmas Strings” are 18"-wide. Order the folksy metal hanger from www.joinedatthehip.com

Between 1860-1900, young American girls voraciously collected beautiful buttons on long strings, known as charm or love strings. The goal was to collect 999, & then the string’s owner would see her husband. ---The Button Book by Diana Epstein.

At some point, the women surely used the 999 buttons. Sewing my whimsical quilts with lettering & details utility quilted in perle cotton (a similar gauge as yesteryear string) is a delightful way to display or share one’s collection of buttons! 


Button Weeds' NEW Make-It-Snappy Quilts of the Month are 18" wide and perfectly fit the folksy black metal quilt hanger
(pictured and available from www.joinedatthehip.com for $20 retail).
Four “months” per pattern — retail $7.00

#158 - January, February, March, April - $7.00 Retail

JANUARY--"Jackie Frost" has clear seed beads added to the frosty backstitch quilting to give an icy effect.

FEBRUARY--"Chocolate Arrows" point at a folksy heart pierced at the top & radiating trails ending in antique buttons.

MARCH--"Ring of Kerry" is an Irish quilt featuring a shamrock and horseshoe flowers emitting “lucky penny” buttons.

APRIL--"Working Overtime" is a tribute to a beloved hen laying colored eggs that fill 3 tall baskets--all bedecked with stars

#159 - May, June, July, August - $7.00 Retail

MAY--"Morning Glories" is a charming quilt that Kris designed for American Patchwork and Quilting in 2003.

JUNE--"Garden of Eatin" features rows of colorful garden vegetables surrounded by an easily-pieced picket fence.

JULY--"Fireworks Finale" has four pieced star blocks in Americana colors with top and bottom striped borders.

AUGUST--"Primitive Picnic" with its folk art simplicity of watermelons and checkerboard will be a favorite!

#160 - September, October, November, December - $7.00 Retail

SEPTEMBER--"Ye Olde Red Schoolhouse" is a quilter’s choice with pomegranate-style apples in an arch.

OCTOBER--"Linda’s Leaf Heap" is similar to Kris’s Shades of Autumn, a cover quilt for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

NOVEMBER--"Running Away from Home" has Log Cabin blocks that simulate the “home” from which two turkeys are exiting.

DECEMBER--"Colonial Christmas" is a feathered star with intersecting folksy trees, button-berry twigs, & center star!

Dress up your kitchen table with a special runner for each month of the year!
Three runners per pattern.

#147 - January, February, March - $7.00 Retail

JANUARY-New Year's Welcome
Herald the new year with the pineapple, symbol of hospitality and welcome. Shooting fireworks flowers will make your table sparkle!

FEBRUARY-Hearts and Tin Punch Stars
You'll love the folksy pieced hearts adorned with facsimile tin punch stars.

MARCH-Lucky Pennies
Penny rug style "lucky pennies" are scattered on this Irish Chain table runner for St. Patrick's Day. Applique two lucky shamrocks too!

#148 - April, May, June - $7.00 Retail

APRIL-Chocolate Bunnies
Decorated Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies, unparalleled necessities for Easter!

MAY-Tisket Tasket Baskets
A Tisket, A Tasket, green and yellow baskets...and we need May flowers too!

JUNE-My Summer Garden
Too busy sewing to get those seeds planted in the garden? Invite the neighbors INDOORS to inspect your summer garden of prize-winning vegetables!


#149 - July, August, September - $7.00 Retail

JULY-Liberty Picnic
Trim your July 4th picnic table with watermelons...and the edible ones too!

AUGUST-Sunflower Symphony
Sunflowers against a blue summer sky...a cheery addition to an August table.

SEPTEMBER-Autumn Apples
My luscious red apples with folksy leaves first appeared in the 2003 American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar. Primitive border tongues embellish the encore.

#149........ $7.00(retail)


#150 - October, November, December - $7.00 Retail

OCTOBER-The Witches of Hewitt Street
Mother often gave herself the title of "The Witch of Hewitt Street" when she was the paragon of protocol during my sister Linda's and my teenage years. Sis and I flank mom on each side on this delightful Halloween table runner.

NOVEMBER-Turkey in the Straw
It's Thanksgiving. Why not let a turkey trim your dinner table?

Feathered Solomon's Temple blocks make stunning foundations for folksy

#130-"Christmas Keepsakes " - retail price $7.00

Holy Family Calendar with Removable Figures and Church Doors, "Santa Claus is coming to town" Christmas Card Holder/Calendar, Christmas Tree Fabric Chain, Fat Quarter Friendly Tablecloth and Tree Skirt




#114-"The Cows Jumped over the Moon" - retail price $5.00

THE COWS JUMPED OVER THE MOON... 24"x 36" Wall quilt, 16" Pillow

As a farm wife for 31 years, I can attest to the cow's ability to jump fences. Now, farmer Santa has harnessed the cows to help with the Christmas toy delivery. Farmer Santa, dressed in a plaid shirt and bib overalls, drives the cows worldwide in a sleigh with a snow runner that is quickly removed to change sleigh into a wagon with wheels (quilt can be hung year long).

#114.....$5.00 Retail




#112-"The Perfect Tree" - retail price $5.00


28" X39" Wall Quilt, Mantel Scarf, Coaster/ornament

Christmas Trees for Sale! The door-side Christmas wreath welcomes you at the barn office. Luck be with you as you choose the Perfect Tree. Instructions for a mantel scarf suitable for mantels 53" to 80" wide and a tree coaster or tree ornament.



#143 Pennies from Heaven - retail price $7.00


Decorate for Christmas in Penny Rug style with my new wool tree skirt and mantel drapes, both embellished with Penny Rug ornaments. Make extra ornaments to adorn the tree too! A glorious 12 1/2" x 24 1/2" cotton angel quilt with wool "pennies" is just the right touch above the mantel drapes OR use the quilt as a runner on a table! Need a quick gift? Sew a single angel block and frame it in a 5" x 7" wooden frame! Instructions for a garland and wool angel figure too!

#134 Stars and Stripes Forever - retail price $7.00


(click on photo for fullsize image)

Hooray for the red, white, and blue! Now you can decorate the whole house with a favorite couple--Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam! Lady Liberty's gown is an easy triangle-square and check out Uncle Sam's attire--all rectangles! Pattern includes instructions for 81 1/2" X 101" Bed Quilt, Firecracker Neckroll Pillow, Table Runner, One-Star Flag Placemat, God Bless America Quilt 39" x 41", and 15" x 20 1/2" Mini-Quilt.

#134........ $7.00

#111 The Witches Kitchen - retail price $5.00

Cotton Quilt 24" x 31", Wool or Felt Penny Rug 17"x25", Shelf Scarf, Towel, and Halloween Tree Candy Corn Ornaments

Possess those magical kitchen powers of the witches with this EASY pattern of rotary cut witches at the cauldron with their Magic Cookbook. The candy corns are strip pieced, then rotary cut also! Cotton quilt border and shelf or mantel scarf border triangles are prairie points. Embellish the towel, penny rug, or cotton quilt with hand or machine buttonhole stitch.




#119 Autumn Rustics - retail price $6.00

Lord of the Barnyard Penny Rug and Bittersweet Pillow

Two wool or felt projects for the Autumn season. One size tongue serves as the turkey's feathers and bottom detail of the Lord of the Barnyard Penny Rug. Embellish with perle cotton buttonhole stitches. For a quick 2 hour project, the 8 1/2" x 14 1/2" Bittersweet Pillow is a perfect choice. Embellish with perle cotton or embroidery floss running stitches & buttonhole stitches!

#119......$6.00 Retail




#113 - Yes, Rachel, There is... - retail price 5.00

24" x 51" Wall Quilt, Mantel Scarf or Valance

Yes, daughter Rachel, there is a Santa, and he's your farmer dad. Farmer Santa, dressed in bib overalls, is loading toy sacks into the sleigh, as his team of chickens are ready to fly at a tug of the reins. Removable sleigh runner can be replaced with wagon wheels so quilt can be hung all year. Christmas toy sacks become feed sacks. Chickens abound on the mantel scarf or add a rod pocket to the back of the mantel scarf and delete the side pieces for a great window valance! Easy 15 minute chicken ornament.



#125 - Come and Adore Him - retail price $6.00

24" x 18" Wall Quilt, 11" x 16" Stable, & Freestanding figures

Authentic cave-like stable is constructed like a pillow, lightly stuffed and easily quilted with primitive stitches. Stable roof is one-piece with five rows of stitching to make 6 tube-like "logs" then lightly stuffed. Twigs are sewn to the front sides to stabilize while adding a primitive look. Easy one-piece bodies -- no-sew hands are attached when hemming sleeves.

#125.......$6.00 Retail